Heaven On Earth Aspen’s End Of Summer Skin Rehab Guide
Summer skincare rehab - Pila, Heaven on Earth
Pila, Owner of Heaven on Earth, Aspen Day Spa

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August 28, 2021

Heaven On Earth Aspen’s End Of Summer Skin Rehab Guide

With the dry, hot heat, blistering sun, and chlorine exposure, the summer months can wreak havoc on our skin. With only a few weeks of summer left, it is time to start thinking about rejuvenating, hydrating, and refreshing our summer damaged skin with Heaven on Earth Aspen’s end-of-summer skin rehab guide.

Pila’s End Of Summer Skincare Tips

Exfoliate (But With Love)

The key to healthy-looking skin is exfoliation, but with love. And what do I mean by saying with love? Do not overdo it, as over-exfoliating can weaken the protective skin barrier. Many people tend to over-exfoliate, especially with some of the new skincare gadgets on the market that tout the need for daily exfoliation, which is far from the truth.

Generally, the skin should be exfoliated only one to two times per week to help expedite skin cell turnover without causing damage. But do it with love, as the chlorine, saltwater, dirt, even makeup has been working a number on your skin this summer.

How Exfoliating Can Help With Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation in the form of sunspots and freckles is common, especially when there is too much frolicking in the summer sun without SPF. The sun’s UV rays trigger an access production of melanin (that’s what gives your skin its color) in the skin. In addition to UV exposure, heat can also trigger an increase in melanin production as well as blemishes that can cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Exfoliation is excellent at helping to break up the pigmented cells, brightening the skin, promoting even skin tone, and accelerating the fading process. You want to combine this step with skincare products that work synergistically to brighten, tighten, and even the skin tone, to deliver powerful brightening and anti-aging ingredients.

A skincare regimen I recommend to help with hyperpigmentation is Opulence 3-Step Layering Set. This bundle offers an entire regimen of skincare products that you need to diminish hyperpigmentation, including:

• Opulence Daily Serum
• Opulence Hydration Gel
• Opulence Moisture Brightening Cream

Add Moisture Back Into Summer Damaged Skin

Our vital skin functions have taken a toll between the air conditioner, scorching summer heat, and the sun. The skin is less able to protect itself against the external factors that accelerate age-related dryness, but the skin can also become undernourished and dehydrated.

Solution: I suggest looking for a premium skincare product with key hydrating ingredients that will offer some feel-good sun relief, packed with nutrients to repair, heal, and hydrate your skin. See some of my superhero ingredients below.

Plant-Based Squalene — This is a moisturizer that acts by stimulating the skin’s hydration. It locks moisture in the skin and can help the skin appear more vibrant and healthier.

Panthenol Is a precursor of Pro-Vitamin B5 with calming and moisture.

Vitamin A, C, and E — These essential vitamins are known for their antioxidant, moisturizing, and rejuvenating properties.

Green Tea — This is a traditional botanical, antioxidant and calming agent. It helps to neutralize free radicals to protect against the visible signs of premature aging.

Hyaluronic Acid — Another way to boost moisture is to use a product with hyaluronic acid. This beauty is the star skincare ingredient naturally in the human body and should be the centerpiece of any anti-aging routine. Hyaluronic acid attracts up to 1000 times its weight in moisture; for that reason, it is ultra-moisturizing and helps keep skin hydrated, plump, and radiant.

Apply Your Skincare Products To Damp Skin

Moisturizers are most effective if you use them while your skin is still damp. When our skin is moist, the pores are open, giving your skincare treatment a better chance at locking in that hydration.

Soothe That Irritated Red Sunkissed Skin

Thanks to the Summer 4 Cocktail (a mixture of sweat, skincare products, sunscreen, and chlorine), your skin may get irritated or red. The summer weather also means oilier skin and speedier skin cell production; when dead skin cells mix with this extra oil and sweat, it’s hello, acne break outs and inflammations.

But no worries, as I have a remedy for you, Skin Script Rx Pomegranate Cleanser. This creamy cleanser purifies, hydrates, and nourishes the skin with soothing, healing ingredients as well as protective antioxidants.

While this cleanser is loaded with some fabulous ingredients, three key ingredients help with soothing the skin, reducing inflammation, and calming symptoms of irritation.

Pomegranate bark extract — helps to neutralize bacteria for a clearer complexion; protects the skin with antioxidants.

Grape seed extract — is rich in antioxidants to protect and brighten the skin. It also promotes the healing process while rejuvenating tired skin.

Aloe — soothes, calms, moisturizes, and heals the skin.

Get A Professional Skincare Treatment To Treat Summer Damaged Skin

Sun damage, chemicals, abrasion – it all adds up. Luckily, you have me, Pila, and some tremendous rejuvenating treatments to help your summer-damaged skin.

One “Heaven on Earth Aspen’s Facial” I recommend is the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial. This treatment is the rehab your summer skin has been craving. Not only is it soothing to the skin, but you will notice your complexion will instantly look brighter, tighter, lifted, and contoured.

Don’t Forget Your SPF

I still need an SPF; summer is almost over with? Yes, you do! I laugh while writing this, not because it is funny, but because I can see many people’s facial expressions, like a little kid when mommy tells them no candy.

The truth is a common misunderstanding in skincare is that you only need to wear sunscreen when you are out in the summer sun. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most of our sun damage is accumulated from daily commutes and outdoor activities, and the high altitude in Aspen exacerbates the damage.

Heaven On Earth Aspen, Hydrate your skin from the inside.Hydrate Your Skin From The Inside Out

In addition to skincare products to add moisture back, what you put in your body is also essential. For our skin to maintain moisture and stay hydrated, it needs healthy levels of water, vitamins, antioxidants, oils, and other nutrients.

Fruit and vegetables are fantastic foods for a healthy complexion and the best way to hydrate your skin from the inside. They contain antioxidants that can stimulate collagen production and keep the skin plump and youthful. They are also rich in vitamins that protect the skin against free radicals.

Sum It Up For Us Pila

What more can I say then…Follow Heaven on Earth Aspen’s “End of Summer skin rehab tips,” and your skin will be saying hello to fall with gorgeous, glowing, spot-free skin.

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