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Spring Is In The Air

06 May
Best products to transition to spring

The longer and warmer days are a welcoming sign from Mother Nature that spring is here. With the onset of spring we are happily shedding our winter clothes and pulling out the dresses and sandals from the back of the closet. However, spring in the Rockies means there will still be days of snow, which […]

Find Heaven On Earth In Aspen Magazine

04 Apr

SPRING RENEWAL – The birds are singing, the buds are starting to bloom (well, at least in the mid-valley) and you’re ready to shed winter’s heavy clothing and footwear. Your skin, too, could use a refresh, after getting hammered from days on the slopes and moisture-sapping indoor heating. Here are five of our favorite ways […]

Spring Foward To A Custom Home Care Regimen

01 Apr

As we approach the ever-charming sights and sounds of our Spring season, one is reminded to lead with our best face forward. The health and beauty industry is adamant in recognizing and informing it’s audience about achieving your skin care goals and we’ve all heard that personal and proper home care exfoliation in addition to […]

Hello, It’s Your Skin Talking

15 Dec

Your skin wants to tell you something: it’s feeling a little neglected. Though it’s our body’s largest organ, our skin is the last of our systems to receive nutrition and protection. And right now, that’s more important than ever. Winter’s low temperatures, low humidity and strong winds make the skin stiffer, impairing nourishment and protection. […]

A Skin Brightening Recipe

14 Oct

When your days are hectic and it seems you just don’t have the time to get to the spa for a facial or massage, there is a simple and easy solution for getting that healthy, radiant glow in your skin: Eat lots of fresh, whole fruits and veggies to obtain all the benefits of their […]

The Sweetest Things

23 Sep
The Sweetest Things

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They say you are what you eat, but when it comes to organic skin care, what you eat can also be used to enhance how you look, too. Chances are you have an entire skin care apothecary in your kitchen you didn’t even know about. These “recipes” are a fun way to turn a cold […]

Here Comes The Sun

27 Jul

At high altitude, SPF is a must! At my first massage job, I remember giving a massage to a man who had worked every day under Hawaii’s endless summer sun. The skin exposed to the sun every day was rough, leathery, riddled with age spots and belied his age. In this massage, I saw for myself the ravaging […]

Summer Is In The Air

14 May

​Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! ​We’ve heard it many times. Always wear sunscreen. You may ask yourself, how many products and layers do I need to have, and how often do I need to reapply through out the day? Pick a product that can do double the work. Choose a moisturizer with a sunscreen, or our favorite, […]

As Seen In The Vacation Gal’s

07 May

OXYGEN FACIAL AT HEAVEN ON EARTH ASPEN DAY SPA – With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I wonder how many of my local friends know the compassionate and charming Pila Xian, who owns Heaven on Earth, an Aspen day spa. A gift certificate for her Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial, combined with a 30-minute neck and shoulder add-on massage, […]

Saving Face – How To Wash Your Face

16 Apr

The skincare products you choose are only part of the equation. How to use them might not be as straight forward as you think. The most important skin care advice I give my Aspen clients is how to correctly wash your face. Do you still see makeup on your cotton balls as you’re sweeping toner? […]