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Welcome to my blog! I write this blog to share my passion and love about all things related to skin care. I am always researching new ingredients and skin care lines, the current massage and facial trends in the spa and wellness industry and to answer the questions that keep coming up in the treatment room.

Let’s Go for a Roll: Yamuna Body Rolling

09 Jun

Join me in a new kind of stretching experience in Aspen: Yamuna body rolling. I love that I am able to help my guests relieve pain or tension after each massage, but I know that sometimes they have chronic symptoms and that their discomfort will eventually return. To give my clients help for the long-term, […]

Can You DIY Facials?

09 Apr

Why shell out the cash for a professional facial when you can just do it yourself? As homemade facials have gained popularity, this question is one that I’m sure some of us have asked. But as far as effectiveness, usefulness, and safety go, there are some things you just can’t DIY. I talked in my […]

3 Steps for the Anti-Aging Minimalist

01 Mar
Rejuvenate 3 Step Layering Set from Intraceuticals

Would you believe me if I told you that it’s possible to get anti-aging results similar to Botox with just a few products? The Rejuvenate 3 Step Layering Set from Intraceuticals provides just that. It’s the minimalist approach to skincare that you’ve been waiting for. Last month I watched Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important […]

Skincare to Last a Lifetime

19 Feb
skincare to last a lifetime

How important is skincare to you? Let’s face it—you get one set of skin to last your whole life. How well you take care of it shows, especially over time. If you’re wondering what are the best ways to maintain beautiful, glowing and youthful skin, look no further. First, let’s talk about professionally done facials. […]

New Year, New Massage

21 Jan

Happy 2017! It’s the start of the new year, marking the start of resolutions for many of us. Whatever your goal, I love that we are all challenging ourselves and working to become our best. Inspired by New Year’s resolutions, I am offering a new massage at Heaven on Earth that is meant to help […]

Pila’s Stocking Stuffers

18 Dec

Excitement is in the air, and the holidays are approaching fast…maybe a little too fast for those of us who haven’t finished shopping yet. But no worries, Heaven on Earth has you covered. Give your friends and family some stocking stuffers they will really love this year. And there’s no shame in some self-indulging—sneak one […]

The Holiday Skincare Survival Guide

19 Nov

‘Tis the season! It’s time for gift exchanges, family gatherings and holiday celebrations. The holidays are great, but they can be hard on your skin between late nights, last minute shopping and that chilly winter weather. If you’re stressed about all you need to get done, let me at least help keep your skin healthy […]

Got Lashes?

12 Aug

Do you dream of long, thick eyelashes? Let’s make it a reality. Got lashes? Nothing changes the face and accentuates the eyes like long, thick, coquettish lashes. But not all of us were lucky enough to be born with them or at least be able to keep them past childhood. There are a number of […]

Buyers Beware!

18 Jul

You aren’t getting a bargain when you buy skincare products online—you’re getting gipped. Have you ever bought a designer knock-off thinking you’d gotten away with something only to understand the old adage, “buyers beware,” as soon as you realize that for as little as you’d paid, you wasted your money on a piece of junk? […]

Spa Etiquette 101

29 Apr
Heven On Earth's Signature-Massage

Everything you wanted to know about your massage experience but were afraid to ask. I know what you’re thinking: Should I leave my underwear on or take them off? I’m referring to when you have to disrobe before a massage, of course. You’re not the first person to wonder and you’re certainly the last one […]

Forget Google: Your search for skincare advice ends here.

16 Mar

Are you looking for skincare advice? I know as much as anyone that we’ve all become a little too dependent on Google when it comes to finding all the answers. But have you ever received some kind of medical treatment and had your physician warn you to stay away from searching your condition the Internet? […]