Can You Really Reverse Signs of Aging in 28 Days?

01 May

Can You Really Reverse Signs of Aging in 28 Days?

We all want glowing, healthy skin. As we age, some of that glow or plumpness can lessen, depending on how you’ve taken care of yourself and your skin over the years.

If I told you that you could reverse the signs of aging in as little as 28 days, would you believe me?

Meg 21 claims that using their product everyday reverses signs of aging in just 4 weeks. How does this work? Their secret weapon is their patented ingredient Supplamine. Let’s look at how Supplamine can transform your skin.

Prevent and Undo Damage from Toxic Sugars

Scientists found that toxic sugars are a leading cause of inflammation and wrinkling in the skin. Supplamine contained in Meg 21’s products intervenes in the production of toxic sugars and blocks them. This ingredient also targets toxic sugars already found in the skin and reverses them, evening the tone of the skin and reversing signs of aging.

Repair Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress (an imbalance of the way your body breaks down oxygen) is another leading cause of aging signs. While some think that oxidative stress is only a sign of major diseases such as cancer, this process actually happens in our bodies every day and slowly wrinkles the skin over time. Supplamine binds to the skin and repairs this damage to reveal plump, vibrant skin.

Boost Collagen Production

This special ingredient found in Meg 21 products also boosts collagen, a chemical that is vital to tightening the skin. By boosting collagen production, Meg 21’s products smooth wrinkles and return plumpness to the skin.

Clinical Trials

Of course, I would not back Meg 21 as a product if they made these claims without any proof. Meg 21 believed in their products so much that they have tested them in clinical trials, including double-blind studies, placebo effect studies, and comparative products. Over and over again, Meg 21 products came out on top and testers saw a huge difference in the appearance of their skin. Read more about their clinical trials.

Get Meg 21 at Heaven on Earth

I’d been looking for a product for years to help with glycation. But glycation is really known only to skin care geeks like myself. So when I discovered Meg 21 and that they actually are meant to treat Meg 21 (Glycation) I was so excited I knew I had to try them. I love the effect the Advanced Treatment has had on my chest. We all know that our chest ages 10 years ahead of our face so any help I can give it, I’m all for it. After I tried Meg 21 products for myself, I saw such a difference that I knew I had to offer them at Heaven on Earth. Try out Meg 21 Smooth Radiance if you want to smooth and tighten your skin or Smooth Radiance ADVANCED Formula if you want extra help in tough to moisturize areas like the neck and chest.

MEG 21 Smooth Radiance

MEG 21 Smooth Radiance

1.7 oz for $120.00

Pila’s Tip: Mix with a spritz of Skin Script’s Cucumber Hydrating Toner and use it as a moisturizing leave on mask.





MEG 21 with Supplamine. Smooth Radiance Advanced

MEG 21 Smooth Radiance Advanced Formula

1.7 oz for $140.00

Pila’s Tip: This thick, rich cream works best when it’s pressed into your neck and chest with the palm of your hand to help it melt into your skin.