End of Winter Skin Rx
Pila, Owner of Heaven on Earth, Aspen Day Spa

Written by Ali

March 29, 2016

The winter months can be brutal on your skin: Time for a little spring cleaning.

April showers may bring May flowers, but it also means a rough time of year for your skin.

Not only are the winter months hard on your skin, the change of seasons can be damaging, too. This is especially in the Rockies where spring skiing means longer days exposed to sun that is reflected off the snow—the worst of both worlds (even though I know you think it’s the best, it’s not so great when it comes to your skin). Even with decent sunscreen and high SPF (You better be applying it every day, at least once a day!) the high altitude sun and dryness will take it’s toll.

As we (ever so slowly) move from spring into the summer months, now is the time to give your skin a little extra love with some of Aspen’s best skincare secrets from Heaven on Earth.

Here’s what Pila recommends when it comes to your skin’s spring cleaning:

DON’T: Exfoliate
DO: Use an oil-based or moisturizing cleanser
Believe me, I am a huge advocate for exfoliating, but there is a time and a place. Aspen at the end of the winter season is not it. After a long, cold, dry winter skin is more sensitive and can go into the scaly, irritated territory far more easily—not the best time to reach for the exfoliator. Exfoliating can strip your skin of its oils and weaken your skin’s natural barrier, leading to uncomfortable dryness, redness and itching. Instead, the first step is to moisturize, not scrub. This is actually a great time to go with an oil based cleanser or simple jojoba oil. Place a small amount of oil onto a cotton pad and wipe all over your face—you’ll be amazed by how much dirt you’ll see come off. Oil cuts oil and is actually one of the most effective cleansers you can use. And at a time when your skin is more sensitive, it’s very moisturizing and healing, too. You can also use a good moisturizing cleanser during this time of year, even if you have normal or combination skin.

Pila Recommends: Pomegranate Antioxidant Cleanser by Skinscript. This super hydrating cleanser is perfect for the late winter and early spring when skin is extra thirsty. Aloe vera, grapeseed and jojoba oil will moisturize and heal moisture deprived skin.

Pomegranate Antioxidant Cleanser

DON’T: Wash with soap
DO: Choose a gentle cleanser
I don’t care what Jennifer Anniston says about Neutrogena, I never recommend my clients wash their face with soap. But this is even more important for this time of year. Those with sensitive skin already have a weakened skin barrier, and washing with soap can further strip the proteins and lipids that make up the brick and mortar of the outer layer of skin, making it even more vulnerable to reaction. A gentle non-soap cleanser is best.

Pila recommends: Green Tea Citrus Antioxidant Cleanser by Skinscript. This gentle formula cleanser is great for sensitive acting skin because it’s antibacterial but is also loaded with Vitamin C and grapefruit peel to protect your skin from free radicals.

Green Tea Citrus Antioxidant Cleanser

DON’T: Apply makeup without moisturizer
DO: Moisturize your upper eyelids
Believe it or not, eye makeup can be very drying, particularly long wearing makeup and especially when you live in a climate where there is almost no humidity. And after a long ski season when eyes are frequently exposed to high altitude sun and wind, it’s really important to use moisturizer around the eyes, particularly the upper eyelids, which are often overlooked. Apply a gentle cream based moisturizer before putting on eye shadow.

Pila Recommends: Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Moisture Binding Cream: I love to mix this with my foundation because it has light refractors in it that give you a natural glow, but it also works well as a makeup primer and would definitely address dryness if used sparingly around the eyes.

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Moisture Binding Cream

DON’T: Get the wrong facials!
DO: Know before you go
Of course I would never give my clients a facial that wasn’t good for them but I do get plenty of people who end up coming to me after they’ve learned the hard way. So many women will get a facial as soon as they’re unhappy with their complexion because they think it will help calm their skin. But trust me when I tell you so many facials make your skin that much worse, especially those that use any kind of chemical peel or microdermabrasion. This is actually the perfect time for one of my signature oxygen facials, which is cooling, gentle, and helps to regenerate damaged skin without any of the ill side effects of so many other facials.

Pila Recommends: My Rejuvenate Oxygen Facial is my number one best seller because it is the perfect antidote for Aspen’s dry climate with an infusion of Vitamins that deeply hydrates and a gentle, cooling application technique that wont’ irritate the skin.

DON’T: Use Too Many Active Ingredients
DO: “The Skin Care Shuffle”
I have written about over-the-counter products versus the “Cosmoceuticals” that I provide at my spa and the key difference is the products I sell have more active ingredients than what you can buy at the drug store. That said, you have to be very careful with your active-ingredient products this time of year as overuse can cause irritation to sensitive skin. I have also written about doing the “Skincare Shuffle” and alternating the products you use so you’re not using the same products day after day and getting the most mileage out of the products that you are using. This is also a great way to avoid irritating your skin. It’s important to alternate your active products with your gentle ones. if you find your skin is more irritated in the spring months, ditch your active products for a while, until your skin calms down. This might not be the season.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation.

“Om Swastiatsu” May you be divinely blessed ~ Pila

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