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Written by Pila

June 24, 2022

Pila’s Unique Gifts List!

Welcome to the launch of the expansion of Heaven on Earth’s Aspen Boutique – Clothes and Gifts where I offer undiscovered clothes brands and unique gifts found in Aspen. Shop in person at my store or online. Maybe you have a wedding to go to, a housewarming event, a birthday party, or a graduation. There’s always a dinner party to go to, and Heaven on Earth has the perfect and unique gifts that will mean something special and the outfit or unique piece that will set you apart from the crowd.

Here’s my list of incomparable items that you can find local to our city of Aspen, Colorado.

One-Of-A-Kind Scents

Heaven on Earth Votivo ProductsDid you know that 75% of all emotions and mood are influenced by scent? A pleasant fragrance is the quickest way to uplift your mood.

Votivo is one of the original luxury candle companies. They are the original to create the cult classic — Red Currant. It combines notes of red currants, fruit glaze, vanilla bean, and raspberry sugar cookies.

What I Love About Votivo

I love Votivo because their scents aren’t over-complicated and are easy on the nose. Their famous Red Currant Scented Candles are no exception. Even better, all their products are sulfate-free and made from a natural soy wax blend, which burns slowly and evenly with little to no soot.

A candle may not be the most unique gift, but it is always welcome. Grab one of the candles or the Votivo Red Currant liquid hand wash soap in the spa or the Heaven on Earth online store.

Meditate and Communicate with Your Furbaby

Animal Whispers | Heaven on Earth AspenAspenites love our pets. Who doesn’t wish their animal could talk? With Animal Whispers: A four-week course in animal communication, you can learn how to deepen your understanding of how your pet is thinking and feeling.

The author, Dawn Allen, also offers books on how to meditate with your cat or dog.

What I Love About These Books

I love that these books are interactive. They each provide real exercises that help you master communication with your furbaby and open you up to giving and receiving love with them. They completely changed my relationship with my kitty, so I’m excited to share them with you.

Grab these online now!

The Art of Meditating with Dogs | Heaven on Earth



Gifts That Support Wellness Journeys

Avec La Vie offers some amazing self-reflection tools that support healing and personal growth.

Their nature-inspired decks contain oracle cards that can help with daily contemplation and understanding what emotions and experiences you are creating and how to make those emotions and experiences working with you.

I’m also carrying The Avec La Vie inspired Journal and The Guidebook to help you manifest your personal and professional goals.

What I Love About These Products

Promoting another’s healing and personal growth is one of the most thoughtful and precious gifts you can give yourself or another. Anyone could benefit so deeply from these offerings that they are some of my favorite unique gifts in Aspen.

Take a look at the different decks

Unique Gifts in Aspen at Heaven on Earth

You can find each one of these unique gifts while shopping in person at my Spa’s Aspen Boutique. Stop by and say hello! If you’re not in town be sure to check them out in my Heaven on Earth online store.

Looking for skincare products? What about comfy and cozy loungewear? Whether you’re trying to escape, look amazing on the street, or lounging all night to day, now you can shop in the spa or online. Be sure to call, email, or let’s do an online chat if you have any questions. I’m here for you!

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