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Hair Did It Go? – Aspen Laser Hair Removal Alternative

Permanent Hair RemovalIf you want an affordable and pain-free alternative to laser hair removal in Aspen, Hair Did It Go? is my exciting new solution to unwanted hair. The name speaks for itself—over time you’ll wonder where your hair went.

I love this product because it is a longer-term alternative to hair removal than waxing alone and is much less expensive than laser treatments.

Let me answer some questions I bet you’re wanting to ask about it.

How does it work?

Simply put, Hair Did It Go? is an enzyme serum that retards hair growth. The enzyme surrounds the root of the hair and does not allow oxygen in. Without oxygen, the root starves, which stops it from growing anymore.

After a regular wax, I apply the serum on the area for you. Next, you bring the rest of the bottle with you to do more applications in the comfort of your own home over the next 48 hours. Do as many as you can in that time frame for maximum results.

Where can I use it?

Any part of the body. Hair Did It Go? lacks the typical limitations of LHR. Whether you want to reduce leg hair, under arm hair, light colored hair or peach fuzz, this product is safe to use anywhere on the body.

How long until I see results?

Results can be seen after about 3 applications, and you will achieve maximum results in 5-15 treatments, depending on the coarseness of the hair.

Who does it work on?

Unlike laser hair removal, which works best on pale skin and dark hair, Hair Did It Go? works on all skin tones and hair types.

How much does it cost?

Are these your thoughts right now? “This sounds too good to be true. It must cost me an arm and leg!” Nope, like I said, Hair Did It Go? is a much less expensive alternative to laser and electrolysis methods.

Look below at the price list and you will see my Permanent Hair Removal systems is only a fraction of the cost of traditional laser hair removal. Compared to LHR, which charges anywhere from $150-500 per treatment, Hair Did It Go?’s price is quite the steal.

  • Lips $45

  • Basic Bikini $75

  • Brazilian $135

  • Full arm $80

  • Underarm $60

  • Half Upper Leg $125

  • Half Lower Leg $80

  • Full leg $205

  • Back $145

Call me at (970) 925-2278 or email me at to set up your Hair Did It Go? appointment or discuss details.

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