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10 Feb

Massage with CBD OilFor the past several years, I get migraines once or twice a year. I was never into marijuana or was even open to CBD until my yoga teacher gave me a CBD cream when she noticed I had a migraine.

After applying it to my forehead, neck and shoulders, my migraine was 80% less. I was intrigued and did some research!


Being a solo-owned spa, it’s easier to add new massages and facials to the menu without having to go through “the channels of a corporation”. I was the first spa in Aspen to add CBD to their menu. Currently, I use Color Up Balance Massage Cream and Apotheccana oils in the morning for when I wake up stiff, and at night for when my body is feeling tired from a long day.

I offer a variety of CBD products and services at Heaven on Earth, including:

● Apothecanna Extra Strength Body Oil
● Apothecanna Circulating Leg & Foot Oil
REMOVE – Foaming Cleanser
BALANCE – Full Spectrum Massage Lotion
REMEDY – Treatment Oil
Head in the Clouds Cannabis Massage
● Moksha CBD Chocolates

CBD Products in Aspen: Benefits of CBD

So, what is CBD oil? CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is an oil comprised of the non-intoxicating ingredient found in marijuana and hemp plants. It is typically extracted as a powder before being mixed with olive, hemp, or coconut oil.

CBD OilContrary to popular beliefs and misconceptions, CBD does not make a user high. However, it does offer a wide array of medical benefits.

The World Health Organization has also deemed that it is safe to use. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, CBD can be used to soothe sensitive skin, reduce signs of aging, and prevent breakouts.

CBD Products at Heaven On Earth

Heaven on Earth’s CBD products can be used for both skin issues and pain relief. I regularly use the Apothecanna Extra Strength Body Oil and Apothecanna Circulating Leg and Foot Oil myself. I will note, however, that the Apothecanna products can only be purchased over the phone or at the spa. If you are interested in purchasing CBD products online, see the three Color Up Therapeutics listed both below and in my online Shop.

Apothecanna Extra Strength Body Oil

This oil is perfect for relieving stubborn aches and stiff joints. Its anti-inflammatory plant extract cools and invigorates sore muscles, swollen joints, and distressed skin. The peppermint, juniper, and arnica also provide fast-acting relief for severely dry and irritated skin. To use, simply massage the oil onto the inflamed areas. In the summer, I like to keep this in the fridge before applying it to enjoy extra relief.

Apothecanna Circulating Leg & Foot Oil

I recommend applying this oil before performing any physical activity. The Apothecanna Circulating Leg & Foot oil, which can actually be used on all parts of your body, contains stimulating plant extracts that invigorate tired muscles and joints. Need extra relief? Combine this with the Apothecanna Extra Strength Body Oil. Its ginger, capsaicin, and grapefruit plant extracts can also treat arthritic areas of your body.

Pila’s CBD Products Available Online

REMOVE – Foaming Cleanser

REMOVE - Foaming CleanserThe Color Up Therapeutics REMOVE-Foaming Cleanser offers the perfect balance of gentleness on the skin and toughness on makeup.

The Organic CBD and organic essential rose oil contained in the cleanser moisturizes the skin as it removes makeup, making it perfect for any skin type.

Pila’s Tip: Apply Remove–Foaming Cleanser to dry skin and massage into your dry face. With wet fingertips, create a gentle lather and proceed to wash your face. Just like you wouldn’t dilute a stain remover to pre-treat your favorite blouse that has a stain, neither do you want to dilute your cleanser to wash your face.


BALANCE – Full Spectrum Massage Lotion

BALANCE - Full Spectrum Massage Lotion


Want to experience Heaven on Earth at home? The BALANCE-Full Spectrum Massage Lotion, by Color Up Therapeutics, leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. Relax and let go as the CBD, hemp seed, and lavender work their magic.

Pila’s Tip: Apply this lotion after a nice, warm shower to increase moisture absorption.




REMEDY – Treatment Oil

REMEDY- Treatment OilFor smooth and glowing skin, add the Color Up Therapeutics REMEDY-Treatment Oil to your skin routine. Unlike other oils, this skincare product leaves your skin healthy and moisturized while preventing breakouts.

Pila’s Tip: Mix a couple of drops with your foundation to give yourself an extra boost of hydration and a flawless look.





Are you ready to experience all the benefits that CBD has to offer? Call Heaven on Earth in Aspen at (970) 925-2278 or email me at heavenonearthspen@gmail.com to learn more about my CBD products and/or to schedule your massage or facial too! You can also visit my Heaven on Earth online shop for other products, including my popular Gift Certificates.