Planes, Automobiles, and COVID
Heaven On Earth Aspen, Happy New Year 2023
Pila, Owner of Heaven on Earth, Aspen Day Spa

Written by Pila

January 5, 2023

Happy, Happy New Year

New Year’s is my favorite holiday. I just love the possibilities it brings and the fresh slate of the New Year. It also doesn’t require over-giving, over-eating or over-indulging.

Last year I shared how to create new habits to make them stick. Click this link “Creating Small Habits You Can Stick With” to read it.

This year I am wishing you every good thing for you, a year of love, laughter, family, and good health. Which transitions into this newsletter. With the holidays behind us, many of us may be catching one of those bugs that are around this winter. Read on to see how you can make yourself feel better.

Heaven On Earth Aspen, Travel Suit Case

Planes, Automobiles, and COVID

It finally happened. I tested positive for COVID in November. So instead of the happy family reunion I was planning, I quarantined in a hotel in Cleveland instead. I call it my COVID-cation.

Aside from the expected fever, coughing, and tender skin, I was surprised to see my cheek break out. In TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, the cheeks relate to the lungs, so it’s not surprising, but I love it when I am reminded how accurate TCM is.

Self-Care Matters Even More When You’re Sick

Do you associate self-care with being indulgent? Please don’t. In order for your body to fight the virus and feel better, your immune system needs a little extra TLC.

Self-care involves taking deliberate steps to maintain your physical, emotional, and mental health. Among them are nutrition, personal hygiene, exercise, rest, and taking time for recharging yourself.

Read on for some self-care recommendations you can use if you find yourself sick this season.

Heaven On Earth Aspen, Hotel Do Not Disturb

Spa-Like Rejuvenating At Home Or Hotel

Looking for ways to recharge yourself? You can get started with some spa-like ideas, such as:

Tip 1: Rest, Rest, Baby

While getting a good night’s rest can be challenging when you are sick, it is essential because it’s when the body and skin repair themselves. If you still need to get a humidifier, have Instacart deliver one. Living in Aspen where we don’t have it, I finally got to try Instacart. I was in heaven. You city people are so lucky to have this service.

Tip 2: Drink Hot Tea

There’s nothing like hot tea and honey to soothe your throat. Did you know that black tea contains theobromine, a compound whose cough-suppressing qualities outweigh codeine?

Sleeping with the humidifier close to my bed also helped me wake up without a sore throat.

Tip 3: A Masque You’ll Want To Wear

Luckily, I always travel with my Lira Clinical Ice Masque because it seems like I always get pimples when I travel. I gave myself a facial, and those suckers were almost invisible.

Heaven On Earth Aspen, Skin Sensitivity

Skin Sensitivity

Skin sensitivity from the flu, colds, and COVID can be an unexpected side effect. It’s part of our immune system’s response to fighting the disease and means you’re kicking out those germs that are making you sick.

One thing to remember is to stick to your skincare routine. Even if you’re sick and can’t go anywhere, you still have to wash your face and take care of your skin.

Whether managing the effects of “sick” skin or a way to get a little glow back, there are some things you can do to help your sensitive skin through those chills and fevers.

Heaven On Earth Aspen, Stay Hydrated

Keep Hydrated

COVID fever contributes to dehydration, making you even more uncomfortable.

There are many reasons to hydrate and moisturize your skin on a daily basis with diet and routine, but it’s imperative when you’re sick.

My favorite way to rehydrate my skin is with products that are creamed-based. Something containing safflower or jojoba seed oil is perfect for conditioning dry skin and enhancing the skin barrier.

Be Gentle On The Skin

If your skin is sensitive, consider these gentle options:

  • Wear soft fabrics, like my PJ Salvage jammies
  • Rehydrate the skin with a hydrating spray toner. A favorite of mine is Skin Script Cucumber Toner. Not only can this face toner be used for some significant hydration for your skin, but you can also use it to blend and set your makeup or refresh and revive your look throughout the day.
  • Apply your body lotion or cream before you dry off with your towel and your body is wet. Applying it this way means that the lotion will soak in better than on just dry skin. If you like hot showers, you’re stripping away those natural oils.

Cleanser Suggestion For Dry Skin: Skin Script Pomegranate cleanser 

Heaven On Earth Aspen, Best Me Time

The Best Me-time Things To Do, Even With COVID

Thankfully, COVID was not too bad and gave some unexpected R and R. I feel extremely lucky. I had a mild case, although being sick never feels great. It was nice to have some downtime, and I did get to be in a hotel room all by myself.

Taking some “me-time” is important even when you’re not sick. Why not build it into your calendar and set aside the time? You’ll be more likely to stick to it if you do. In fact, make it non-negotiable, so you can’t adjust it. It may be hard to stick to in the beginning, but you’ll get used to it and not want to give it up.

Here are a few ideas you can do during your “Me-Time”:

  • Read a book – I met the writer Irene Lawless
  • Listen to a podcast – hello Something Isn’t Right – on Wondery
  • Stay in bed with comfy linens
  • Wear cozy pajamas like PJ Salvage
  • Doordash some favorites foods – lucky for me, it was my Aunt who brought me food
  • Instacart (I’m going to miss this a lot!)
  • Binge-watch!
Heaven On Earth Aspen, Med-Spa In A Belt

A Jump Start For Shedding A Few Pounds

Spot reduce stubborn body fat at home with the Nushape Lipo Wrap Red Light Therapy Belt. This fat-reducing system doesn’t require knives, needles, or starvation.

The Nushape Lipo Wrap Red Light Therapy Belt targets body fat and reshapes your body. I tried it and lost several pounds and flattened my tummy so much, I’m having fun pretending to be a millennial and baring my midriff for the first time in years. Click this link “Red Light Therapy for Fat Loss” to learn more about this real and doable fat and weight loss product. Click the “order now” button to go to my personal Nushape Account page and then use promo code pila50 to save $50.

Purchasing additional products may include larger discounts.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about being sick and how to lose a few of those extra pounds you gained during the holidays.

And now I need some new shows to binge-watch. What are you watching?

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