Is Your Skincare Routine as Unique as You Are?

29 Aug

Is Your Skincare Routine as Unique as You Are?


How well do you really know your own skin? Unfortunately, many of my clients have read online or learned from experience that they have one of a few types of skin.

Their skin could be normal, dry, oily, sensitive or combination. But take it from me … your skin is as unique as you are, and your skincare routine should be, too.

Learn the Truth about Your Skin

When you schedule an appointment with me, you’re not only getting a treatment that’s therapeutic for your skin. During your facial you’ll receive a complete skin care consultation to help you determine exactly how to care for your skin. During our session, I’ll analyze your skin, and then offer a customized approach to skincare that’s precisely right for you.

In our digital age, it’s easy to find misleading information on the internet. For instance, if you have oily skin, this could mean you shouldn’t shy away from oil. The opposite is true for dry skin – too much moisturizer can actually make your skin lazy and your skin will actually start making even less moisture than it already is. And those of you with sensitive skin – I definitely know the challenges you face. You’ve probably experimented with several expensive products, just to find one that won’t irritate your skin.

I’ve had many years of experience as an esthetician and facial therapist, and I want to make skincare a more natural process for men and women alike. I take a holistic approach to caring for your unique skin and want you to see results: better skin health, an individualized approach to long term skin care, and a radiant complexion that everyone will notice! Plus, you’ll feel magnificent!

Is Your Tired Skincare Routine Making Your Skin Look Tired?

Men and women alike often find a product they feel works for their skin and stick with it. It can be years before they try a new formula. They may wait even longer to actively seek out a facial or other intensive treatment.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to schedule your Intraceuticals™ Oxygen Facial. It’s Hollywood’s #1 requested facial, and for good reason! This treatment is going to leave your skin looking and feeling brighter, younger and smoother the moment you walk out the door. In short, you’ll look and feel radiant!

Unlike other clinical facials that use acid peels, irritating scrubs and painful extractions, the Intraceuticals™ Oxygen Facial feels wonderful and requires no downtime. Your skin is instantly hydrated, brighter, lifted and contoured, using state of the art technology. So book an appointment with me today and let’s develop a personalized daily skincare routine that’s designed for your unique skin.

No Time? Shop Online!

If you can’t fit an Intraceuticals™ Oxygen Facial into your schedule this week, you can buy a bit of time by shopping the Heaven on Earth online shop. I love researching and discovering the best product lines for your daily skincare routine, and have included the best of the best in the Heaven on Earth shop. Our brands include Intraceuticals, Skin Script, and Suntegrity – from cleansers and moisturizers to sunscreen and even eyelash thickeners, the Heaven on Earth shop has everything you need to complete your skincare routine.

We can discuss the right products for your skin at your next appointment. Can’t wait? Check out Pila’s Must Haves, available in the online store. Alternatively, you can contact me via phone at 970-925-2278 or email at if you have any questions!

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Then, call me to schedule an appointment that works with your lifestyle, Call 970-925-2278 or email Heaven on Earth at to transform your skin.