The Foam Roller Vs. Yamuna Body Rolling
Pila, Owner of Heaven on Earth, Aspen Day Spa

Written by Pila

August 28, 2017

It’s the battle of the ages: the foam roller vs. Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR). Both help to realign, tone and stretch the body. Both help to reduce pain. And both have been used by health enthusiasts as self-massage exercises for over a decade.

If YBR and the foam roller have so many similar uses and benefits, which exercise is really the better of the two? To me, it isn’t even a contest—Yamuna Body Rolling wins by a longshot.

No Pain, More Gain

The foam roller is made of stiff foam without much give. Yes, it stretches the muscle and can help reduce pain later, but because of its denseness and inflexibility, it can be a painful exercise in the moment.

Using the foam roller can be useful, but if you really want to take results to that next level, then Yamuna Body Rolling can get into areas that the foam roller can’t—specifically the muscle attachments. YBR works firmly but gently to the bone to stimulate the bone and muscle attachments, setting off a chain of relaxation to the muscles insertion. You sink into the ball, using your own body weight and deep breaths to release tension. Basically, you get deeper results without the pain.

Variety of Options

The different size balls with various firmness in Yamuna allow you to get as firm or soft of a stretch as you need. Those of us with more sensitivity can really benefit from this variety. Even someone suffering from osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia can easily do Yamuna body rolling without any pain. Tough athletes can benefit too by using the smaller, firmer balls for their more intense stretches. The variety of options can benefit anyone at any level.

Long-Lasting Results

I have used the foam roller in the past, but when I discovered Yamuna Body Rolling, I realized I could create deeper and lasting changes in the body. It not only protects the body from injuries but it even promotes healing. This exercise can reduce pain, realign and strengthen the body, and improve flexibility and posture, just to name a few key benefits.

Practicing Yamuna can allow the user to decrease stiffness or pain that may have kept them from living a more active lifestyle that’s so important to keep up their health. I became a certified YBR instructor because I wanted to help my clients achieve better health for the long-term, and Yamuna is exactly the tool I needed to assist them.

The Clear Winner

Overall, YBR is a better and more effective alternative to the foam roller. Discover for yourself why Yamuna Body Rolling beats the popular foam roller. If you are in the Aspen area, come to one of my monthly workshops, schedule a Yamuna session with me by calling (970) 925-2278 or emailing Are you nowhere near Aspen? I am available for Skype sessions as well.

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