Winter Skincare Tips: Banish Dry Skin
Pila, Owner of Heaven on Earth, Aspen Day Spa

Written by Pila

December 12, 2016

Skin dehydrated? Winter can take away your skin’s moisture faster than you can say “I need hydration.” The number one skin problem most of us have during winter is dryness. I often find that clients think that their skin is dry from not drinking enough water, but this is rarely the case. More than likely what you’re topically putting on your skin is what’s causing the dryness (combined with that cold weather, of course).

As we move into winter, you need to give your skin some extra love to keep it hydrated and healthy. Here are a few winter skincare tips to combat that chilly weather.

Hydrate your skin with masks

Masks are an essential missing step for the transition to winter. They’re my go-to in the winter to give that needed added boost of hydration. They can be tailored to your skin’s specific needs, giving all skin types additional moisture without going overboard.

Pila recommends: Lira Clinical Bio Hydra Masque 2 oz. $39

This winter I am adding Lira Clinical to the spa and my back bar. I love using Lira because every product is enhanced with brighteners and plant stem cells to address your skin concerns. This is a soothing, gentle hydrating gel mask that will quickly hydrate your skin. It also lessens fine lining because it is wound healing (wrinkles are essentially wounds) with the addition of copper.

Start the season off with a facial

Get your skin ready for the change in season by treating yourself to a facial. They’re like hitting a reset button for your skin to start off the new season, clearing away grime and giving you healthier, clearer and more beautiful skin.

Pila recommends: The Intraceuticals™ Oxygen Facial by Heaven on Earth 60 minutes / $175

This winter I’m recommending my most popular facial at Heaven on Earth: the Oxygen Facial. It gives immediate results leaving your skin smoother, younger and brighter the minute you walk out the door. Set up an appointment for the Heaven on Earth Oxygen Facial today by calling (970) 925-2278 or emailing me at

Take care of vulnerable areas to aging and winter weather

Chapped lips are the worst but so easy to get during winter. Lip balms are an obvious go-to during the season, but sometimes you need more. Lip masks are great way to give back that moisture you need and even make your lips smoother and plumper than they ever were before.

Dehydration can strike the areas around your eyes too—a spot that’s hard to target. Without sufficient moisture, the enzymes required to maintain our collagen and elastin decline, which makes us vulnerable to aging. Use my eye masks to get to those tough spots and diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

Pila recommends: Intraceuticals Eye and Lip Masks 6 for $49

These target area specific masks help hydrate and diminish fine lines around the lips and eyes leaving your eyes and mouth looking and feeling plumper, fresh and well rested. Run them under warm tap water for added comfort.

Don’t forget about your hands

We often think our hands aren’t important to take care of, but this is a mistake! Hands take a beating in the chilly temperatures and need extra TLC. They are constantly exposed to harsh wind and cold and need to be moisturized regularly to keep away dryness.

Pila recommends: Meg 21 Top of Hand Treatment 3.4 oz. for $37

Meg 21’s Top of Hand Treatment was formulated to help combat the daily stress your hands are under. It’s recommended for all skin types and immediately enters deep into your skin to increase hydration, smoothness and elasticity.

Since these products are new to Heaven on Earth, they are only available by calling me directly at (970) 925-2278 to order them. As always, please contact me if you’d like to schedule an appointment or have any questions.

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