Heaven on Earth, A High Altitude Day Spa

Do you remember the experience or even the name of the therapist who gave you a massage or facial during your last visit to the spa? I promise, you will remember me.

I started my own business after having worked in some of the most notable spas throughout the country because I wanted to create something more personal + special. To have the freedom to create a unique experience for each individual client, (not the clientele) and to be able to focus on quality is a high priority for me. If you are someone who does not prefer padding around total strangers in nothing but a robe and some rubber shoes but still wants an experience that is five-star, Heaven on Earth is for you.

A massage and facial therapist known for her thoughtful, therapeutic and holistic approach.

​Researching the best product lines and technologies is something I love to do so that I can offer something I know works for your unique need(s). I am excited to offer Intraceuticals™ Oxygen facials (a celebrity favorite made popular by Madonna) along with my custom facials, and a heavenly line of massages and spa packages. With my strong foundation and love of massage therapy, I weave massage therapy into every session—so just when you’re wanting more, you’ll get more.

I know “feeling beautiful from the inside out” is cliché, but I do believe that feeling good is just as important as looking good. At Heaven on Earth you will get both. And if I do my job well, mine is a name and a face you will remember and return to again and again.

Om Swastiatsu – May you be divinely blessed ~Pila

Pila’s Guest Promise

As the owner and sole operator of Heaven on Earth, I am committed to giving you an experience that is both luxurious and zen-ful.

I arrive at each session with a depth of presence and connection creating a space for intuitive listening, healing, and a unique experience for each guest. I hold the rare ability of being able to combine technical skills with an intuitive sense to create an experience that is uniquely my own to give and yours to experience.

I believe in affecting not only the body, but also the mind and spirit of each guest who walks through my spa to create an experience and memory that will last long after each guest leaves. While it may be intangible to express exactly the unique and special session each guest receives, the feedback and reviews I receive are evident and express their own reasons why they come back again and again.

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“Thanks for your amazing facials! You have such a great touch; heavenly massage along with facial. Loved the products you used and the ones I took home.”

~ Ally Ford Houston, TX

Heaven on Earth's Divine Dermaplaning Treatment

Heaven on Earth’s Dermaplaning Facial

Improve skin texture and evens skin tone. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Helps skincare products absorb better and increases their ability to produce the desired result. Brightens skin and reduces (the appearance of) hyperpigmentation. The process is gentle, feels meditative, and is very relaxing!

Heaven on Earth's Microneedling Treatment

Microneedling (aka collagen induction therapy, dermapen or micropen) uses an automated pen with disposable needle tips to create tiny micro-injuries in the skin. These micro-injuries trigger a response in the body to create healthy, new, collagen-rich tissue. This is one of my go-to treatments because it creates optimum skin health.

What People Are Saying About Heaven On Earth’s Virtual Facial Parties

Gua Sha - Heaven on Earth, Aspen online facial testimonialsPila’s virtual facial party is a must for any friend group or team looking for a fun “outing” during social distancing! We got great products, laughed and had fun, and learned along the way. ~ Cameron S.

Thank you so much Pila, for providing such a wonderful virtual facial! I was truly relaxed and your tips, tricks, and positive attitude and energy were so refreshing! ~ Britt Y.