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Here’s the thing about massage: everybody is different and every BODY is different.

That’s the reason I have studied so many different modalities over the years and my education in massage therapy is ongoing. I have built an arsenal of techniques that allow me to offer one of the most extensive, customizable massage therapy menus in town. I am the only therapist in Aspen offering Oriental Bar Massage as part of my signature treatment—which gives a whole new meaning to the idea of “letting someone walk all over you.” From deep tissue and circulatory work to prenatal massage, I have something for everyone—and every body.

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Pila has the rare ability of never giving the same massage twice. Her massage is thoughtful, healing and restorative. She is my favorite massage therapist in Aspen. I wish I could clone her.

Mathieu Rosinsky, West Palm Beach, Fl.


Heavenly Massage

slide_massage2Massage is one of the oldest healing art forms known to man. Massage not only reduces and relieves muscle soreness and stiffness, but it also eliminates toxins in the body by increasing circulation. Massage revitalizes and energizes, providing the means by which one can relax and de-stress. An aroma journey intuitively soothes and balances your state of being.  Any one of my massages, body rituals or massage enhancements will make you forget you endured the elements and physical activities of Aspen.

Heaven On Earth’s Signature Massage

60 minutes $188 | 75 minutes $218 | 90 minutes $248

I am so excited to be offering Oriental Bar Therapy as the signature massage. In this unique and highly effective approach, I “walk on your back”, supported by bars that hang from the ceiling to apply moderate to deep pressure. A combination of Swedish, deep tissue, and Lomi Lomi, this therapeutic technique uses long flowing strokes to provide you a full body massage. It is an excellent choice for athletes and clients who like deep tissue massage and want relief from sore, overtired muscles, aches and pains.

My feet are sterilized before each session. Using the bars for support, pressure can be lessened or increased based on your individual needs and physicality. The flow and pressure on this massage really is unlike anything you’ve experienced before—I think it’s pure heaven.

Head In The Clouds Cannabis Massage

60 minutes $188 | 75 minutes $218 | 90 minutes $248

Aspen cannabis and aromatherapy massage.I am so excited to debut Apothecanna, a Colorado-based manufacturer of topical cannabis treatments. The creams are designed to bring the benefits of cannabis to massage therapy with a focus on pain relief, inflammation, muscle relaxation and stress relief. This is an excellent option for chronic pain, injuries, muscle soreness, and headaches. In other words, our deep tissue massage just got a little deeper—and a little higher.

* These creams do not have any THC (the ingredient that gets you high) and is not absorbed into the blood stream. It is safe for use on children under 18 and during pregnancy.

Stretched Zen

30 minutes $98
60 minutes $158 (includes my signature shoulder, neck, and head massage)

My very own lengthening and energizing muscle rebounding stretch session….without all the work of holding that yoga pose for what seems like way past its expiration date. Increase your flexibility, releasing both superficial and deep muscular tension while offering deep relaxation and a quieting of the mind. You’ll walk out feeling taller and lighter.

Add The Stretched Zen to any Heaven on Earth session or book as your weekly dose of self-care/feel great.

Rolling Into Heaven

90 minutes $228

Feel grounded and present in your body by starting your appointment with a Yamuna Body Rolling session. I will help you move through all the ways that Yamuna can help realign, open and heal your body, working out all the kinks in your muscles. With full presence of mind and body, relax into the heaven and bliss of your massage. Let go and feel tension melt away. You really will feel a next level of heaven on earth.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes $158 | 75 minutes $188 | 90 minutes $218

This massage is the one you want when you’re sore after a big workout, athletic event, or training. The Deep Tissue Massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia, this massage focuses on muscles located below the surface of the top muscles. If you’re an athlete, a weekend warrior, have sustained a physical injury or just need to relieve knots from traveling, this massage is for you.

Swedish Massage

60 minutes $158 | 75 minutes $188 | 90 minutes $218

If you prefer a more basic, feel-good massage using light to medium pressure, this one’s for you. The Swedish Massage provides long, soothing strokes which will lull the consciousness into a peaceful state while providing a sense of harmony, rest and balance. This journey signals a return to purity and a transition to a tranquil state.

Lomi Lomi Massage

60 minutes $158 | 75 minutes $188 | 90 minutes $218

Lomi Lomi is an ancient form of Hawaiian healing that has been handed down generation to generation. This massage is given in fluid, rhythmic motion using the forearms as well as the hands. Some people have described the sensation of Lomi Lomi as gentle waves rolling over the body. The combination of sea salt, essential oils and steamed towels increases circulation, detoxifies the cells and relaxes the deeper muscles for longer lasting results.

Prenatal Massage

(After First Trimester)  60 minutes $158 | 75 minutes $188 | 90 minutes $228

Baby on board? Let me help relieve some of the aches and pains you’re carrying around. Massage techniques and pregnancy support pillows will help you relax and care for both you and your baby. I will tailor your massage for any stage of pregnancy (only recommended for women past their first trimester). A fragrance free cream may be used to moisturize and massage your skin and body.

Custom Blend Massage

60 minutes $158 | 75 minutes $188 | 90 minutes $228

Not sure what you want? Talk to me about your individual needs and I’ll create a custom massage using a combination of my modalities and special add-ons just for you.


Heavenly Massage Enhancements

Boot Camp

steamed foot poulticeWhether you’ve been skiing, hiking or walking around town all day, our steamed foot poultice filled with stimulating lemongrass, tumeric, ginger and menthol will revitalize and restore your cold, sore and tired feet. Kick off those boots and let us take care of the rest. 30 minutes / $88


Steamed Herbal Compress

All massages can also include an herbal compress add-on. The Herbal Poultice is a deep heat medicinal muscle treatment that dates back to the 14th century Thailand when a hot pack was administered to war-soldiers returning from battle and remains and integral part of Thai medicine. The heat, combined with organic herbs are absorbed by the body to help reduce aches and pains, stimulate circulation, increase lymph drainage, detoxify and condition the skin.  $28

Heavenly Glow

blog 003

This highly addictive body scrub detoxifies, and exfoliates, allowing new skin to flourish. Red Rice, traditionally used in Asia as a skin refiner, removes dead cells. Aloe Vera, almond and cucumber nourish while pure lavender essential oil calms and soothes. Imparts a luminous glow to the body.

30 minutes / $88 

 Chinese Cupping


Cupping is a massage modality that finds its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. The practice uses silicone cups to create a vacuum seal on areas of the body. The suction created by this seal brings blood to the surface of the skin and is thought to help expel negative energies from the body.

Although cupping is not painful, the recipient commonly walks away with circular bruises on the areas where the cups were applied.  $18

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Body Rituals

l-1 In keeping with Asian tradition, our body rituals begin with the process of purification thru gentle exfoliation. Next, find yourself cocooned with the healing properties of Saa paper, made of mulberry leaves, long known for their ability to aid in purifying the body. Finally, allow yourself to drift into a state of meditative bliss with a relaxing and therapeutic massage. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, well rested and revived.


120 minutes / $328

In Sanskrit, Bahva signifies an inner feeling with the intention of having a purity of thought. Surrender to this deeply detoxifying herbal remedy and experience the energy of true inner cleansing. Detoxification begins with a lemongrass and sweet orange invigorating body scrub to remove impurities and dead cells. Allow your mind and body to be nourished and restored while cocooning in our Thai White Clay Body Mask while you are lulled to sleep with a scalp, neck and shoulder massage.

Finally, enjoy a peaceful and relaxing massage using a blend of black pepper, clove bud and kaffir lime essential oils to eliminate toxins and increase lymph drainage. Active elements are absorbed by your skin and released in small quantities for several hours for inner cleansing.


120 minutes / $328

Lila is the unique sweet nectar of your own experience. Allow us to navigate a path to self-discovery, and a deep sense of serenity and equilibrium. Embark on your journey with a renewing body polish that removes dead skin cells while feeding the deepest layers of skin. Our rich Green Tea anti-oxidant body mask acts as a fountain of youth for skin cells, improving the condition of your skin while leaving it softer and smoother.

Finally, a relaxing therapeutic massage with a synergy of lemongrass and sweet orange will melt away any left over tensions to calm the mind. Enjoy this pure moment of well being and healing.

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