The Anti-Aging Step That Should NEVER Be Skipped
Anti Aging Step Never Skipped - Heaven On Earth Aspen
Pila, Owner of Heaven on Earth, Aspen Day Spa

Written by Pila

October 28, 2022

The Anti-Aging Step That Should NEVER Be Skipped

Washing Your Face Daily!


Yes, I know I sounded like your mom when she told you to wash your face daily. It turns out she’s right. Washing your face is the one skincare step not to miss.


The Benefits Are Endless — Let’s Take A Look…

Makeup Removal Tips - Pila


As I like to say, STOP EXPOSING YOURSELF. Yeah, that got your attention, right? As it should!

In our hectic lives, the face is “exposed” to sweat, dirt, pollution, and even bacteria (yuck, I know) daily.

As a result, washing the face is vital in removing excess oil and dirt. Every beauty routine should begin with cleaning your face properly. By washing your face correctly, you allow your skin to breathe. Keeping your skin healthy and youthful is about maintaining a regular skin cleansing routine, end of story!

Facial Cleansing Prevents Premature Aging

Wrinkles, uneven texture, and aging are all created by not washing your face, even if you don’t wear makeup or sunscreen! All of the day’s pollution and unseen grime accumulate on the face; you don’t want that being used to “nourish” your face while you’re sleeping.

Minimize the Appearance Of Pores By Washing Your Face Daily

Daily cleansing helps keep your pores looking as small and smooth as possible.

IMPORTANT: Pores don’t become bigger – or smaller – but they accumulate dirt; when this happens, they will appear bigger.

The Benefits Of Using A Facial Cleanser Daily Are Endless

• Promotes hydration
• Boosts the effectiveness of anti-aging products
• Keeps oil production in check
• Sweeps away dry and dead skin cells
• Stimulates blood circulation, boosting blood flow to your face for glowing skin


How To Select The Correct Facial Cleanser

There are endless cleansers- from foam to gel, even powder cleansers making it confusing. I’ve got your “face”; these simple tips will help you select the right cleanser for your skin type.

Green Envee Purify Botanic Cleansing Oil

A Double Cleanse

We tend to follow the “wash and repeat” method when washing our hair. But what about a lather-rinse-repeat of skin care?

A double cleanse is a must, so start out your first cleanse using Green Envee Purify Botanic Cleansing Oil to dissolve the makeup and loosen dirt.

For the second cleanse, wash your face with a cleanser suited to your skin type to clean your skin.

Pila’s Secret: You can double cleanse with the same cleanser. Yep, one amazing cleanser can be used twice, which means you don’t have to purchase two cleansing products.

Skin Script Pomegranate cleanser - Heaven on Earth

Products For Dry Skin

If your skin is dry, you should avoid gels, high-foaming cleansers, salicylic acid, and other acids that will dry the skin out even more. Instead, look for products that are creamed-based. Something containing safflower oil or jojoba seed oil is perfect for conditioning dry skin and enhancing the skin

Cleanser Suggestion For Dry Skin: Skin Script Pomegranate cleanser

Skin Script Green Tea Citrus Antioxidant Cleanser - Heaven On Earth

Products For Mature Skin

If you have mature skin, the best cleanser for you are products containing an alpha hydroxy acid, like Glycolic Acid. It exfoliates to reduce keratinized skin, stimulates collagen growth to diminish wrinkles, and promotes resurfacing to refine skin texture.

Cleanser Suggestion For Mature Skin: Skin Script Green Tea Citrus Antioxidant Cleanser

Skin Script Charcoal Clay Cleanser - Pila, Heaven On Earth

Products For Oily Skin

For oily skin, look for charcoal products, as it acts like a sponge attracting impurities and excess oil from the skin. (Think of a magnet pulling metal toxins [from pollution] from our cells.)

Kaolin is another excellent ingredient for oily skin as it absorbs sebum and prevents pore clogging. This clay draws out impurities and toxins, clearing the skin of excess oil, dirt, pollution, and debris.

Cleanser Suggestion For Oily Skin: Skin Script Charcoal cleanser

Frightfully Flawless Skin - by Pila, Heaven On Earth Aspen

Bonus Tip For Frightfully Flawless Skin

Halloween is next week, and it’s a time for many to dress in their costume. It is fun to create those ghoulishly glam looks. It’s not so BOOtiful what all that makeup can do to the skin.

Make sure to remove all that makeup before going to bed with something like Green Envee Purify Botanic Cleansing Oil to dissolve the makeup and loosen dirt.

How To Use: Many will have a lot of theater makeup on. To ensure you are removing all of your makeup and other grime, you will probably have to wash your face a few times.

First Wash: Massage the cleansing oil on the skin and remove it with a soft DRY washcloth.

Second Wash: Apply the oil, then add water. The oil will become a milky emulsion that easily rinses off and has no residue.

Third Wash: Wash your face with a cleanser suited to your skin type to clean your skin.

IMPORTANT: When removing false lashes or heavy eye makeup, resist the urge to scrub or rub your eyes. Instead, use cotton rounds or pads (not balls as they shed) to remove.

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