Skin Solutions Three Week Online Class

Heaven on Earth's Skin Solutions Three Week Online Class


Pila’s Heaven on Earth “Skin Solutions” three-week online class
Glowing, youthful, healthy-looking skin in under a month

Would you like to discover your best skin and look younger in three weeks? And at the same time, learn to use the best skin care products for your skin and not waste time and money? If you’re nodding your head right now, then my Heaven on Earth 3-Week Online Skincare Class is for you!

Hi, I’m Pila and I want you to discover your best skin and look as vibrant on the outside as you feel on the inside. Listen, I’m not talking about making you look 20 again, I’m talking about helping you get your glowing, youthful, healthy looking skin back. And yes, it’s possible!

I get it

I understand what it’s like to look in the mirror and wonder where this wrinkle came from…and that one… and Oooh and this one…. I also understand that there are a zillion skin care choices that all claim to be the next fountain of youth. And I bet, you just want to know what works and how to use it.

Well, you’re in the right place; that’s where I come in

I’ve been in the skin care industry for over 30 years and I’m happy you’re here because I’m going to help you find the right skincare protocol and products so you can take care of your skin consistently. And by the way, that’s the secret to glowing, youthful, healthy-looking skin …it’s having a consistent skincare routine.

Wow, you just saved you a lot of money and you’ll never have another bathroom drawer dedicated to overpriced and underused products. You know what I’m talking about, that unsightly skincare graveyard.

It’s more than wanting to look younger

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”
– Gwyneth Paltrow

It’s sounds so cliché, but it’s true. I haven’t met a woman yet who feels her age. We’re ageless in spirit, thanks Boomers! So let’s be ageless in our looks too. While I can’t promise you’re going to look 20 years younger, I can promise the healthiest, glowiest (yep, it’s a word) skin possible.

Moravia from Pila's Heaven on Earth's Skin Solutions Three Week Online Class

Here I am doing a deep dive private consultation into Moravia’s current skin health and routine so she can get her very own skincare protocol.

The Answer

Pila’s Heaven on Earth Skin Solutions is a three-week group on-line class to transform your skin from dull and blah to vibrant and radiant in just three weeks. You get an in-home esthetician (that’s me!) to walk you through your personalized skincare routine.

First Step: The Private Personal Consultation

We’ll meet for a virtual heart to heart and discover what state your skin is currently in, how you want to see your skin improve, what you’ve used in the past, and a little bit about your medical history. Then, I’ll mail you a personalized, customized selection of skin care. Because this is NOT a cookie cutter skincare program.

Week One: In our first class I’ll virtually take your hand and walk you through your skin care routine. We’ll talk about your everyday protocol, including washing your face (you may be surprised to learn you’ve been doing this wrong). We’ll also talk about what you’re currently doing to age your skin and how to stop it!

Week Two: In our second class (for both classic and VIP’s) you’ll learn how to detox your skin and find out why gua sha is more than just a trend; it’s an established beauty treatment that’s been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 700 years. It’s even been called a natural alternative to Botox.

VIP Class: For the VIP’s we’ll meet twice this week and you’ll learn how to use the My Skin Buddy (MSB) properly. The MSB is an all-encompassing facial device that brings four technologies into one hand-held device to up your skin care game to achieve a clearer complexion, brighter and even skin tone, and a more youthful appearance.

Week Three: This is your shining moment and opportunity to keep your skin care routine going. This is the class that’s going to set you up for your future skin success. We’ll spend the first half of the class learning the why’s and how to’s of microchanneling your face. Micro channeling is the most effective method that promotes optimum skin health. And when your skin is healthy that translates to you looking your best. We’ll spend the second half going over Q and A so you can maintain your youthful healthy glowing skin.

Heaven on Earth Flower

Choose Your Skin Care Adventure

All products are chosen from top professional skin care brands and will be selected based upon your specific conditions and concerns.

The Classic Includes:

  • One-On-One consultation
  • Double Cleanse System
  • Exfoliator
  • Treatment Serum
  • Mask
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen
  • Your own Gua Sha Stone
  • Microchannel Roller & Solution
  • Cleansing Cloth
  • 3 on-line classes
  • Follow-up Consultation
  • Plus Pila’s hand-picked (skin) care package, carefully selected tools and products to create the spa experience – at home.

The Classic $595 (An $895 value)


The VIP Includes:

  • One-On-One consultation
  • Double Cleanse System
  • Exfoliator
  • Treatment Serum
  • Mask
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen
  • Your very own Gua Sha Stone
  • Cleansing Cloth
  • The My Skin Buddy (A $295 value)
  • Microchannel Roller & Solution
  • 4 on-line classes
  • Follow-Up Consultation
  • Lifetime 20% discount on all future product purchases
  • Plus Pila’s hand-picked (skin) care package, carefully selected tools and products to create the spa experience – at home.

The VIP $855 (A $1347 Value)

The VIP includes the My Skin Buddy (MSB), a facial device that harnesses four professional treatments in one device. It has red, blue, and green LED lights, thermal heat, ultrasound and ion care. I love the MSB because I had a deep, deep line on the side of my eye that really bothered me and with the use of the My Skin Buddy, I would say it’s now only a tiny laugh line. Also, I haven’t had a pimple on my chin since I’ve been using it. I know, amazing right? The VIP includes a detailed class during the second week on how to use it properly. You’ll learn the best techniques for your individual skin conditions and concerns.

This Class is right for you if you’re

  • Wondering if you really can get rid of wrinkles
  • Ready to get rid of those ugly sun spots
  • Confused about which line/product is really going to work
  • Overwhelmed by the number of products available
  • Ready to take the guess work out and know exactly what you need
  • Tired of wasting money on stuff that never works/lives up to its promise
  • Intimidated going to the beauty counter
  • Quite frankly, scared of aging
How to get rid of sun spots

Wait, there’s more

Along with everything else, you also get

  • Downloadable guides
  • Cheat cheat’s
  • A how-to video for your step by step skin care
  • Recorded videos of each class
  • Unfettered access to me

A $457 value

What can I do instead of botox?

A little bit more about your guide

Hi, I’m Pila, I’m 49 and I’ve never used Botox and don’t use fillers.

There’s a big old myth that Asians have it easy when it comes to their skin. I’ve heard it all! Let me tell you, Asians are actually prone to acne (I had acne until I was 30) and then later in life we’re predisposition to sunspots. People who know a lot about skin types and skincare, like my vendors and other estheticians are surprised at how clear my skin is. That’s because I’m a stickler for taking care of it…. and that’s what I want for you too.

I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years. My first job out of high school was at the local Clinique counter and I worked with them all through college and beyond. Seven years ago I opened Heaven on Earth Day Spa in Aspen CO to create a customized facial experience so that women can look as amazing on the outside as they feel on the inside.

I’ve lived and have clients from all over the United States. Which means I know how to take care of skin in a lot of different climates.


I’ve made it my life’s work to know skin and skincare and I’m so happy to share my knowledge and gifts with you. I’m so excited to help you look and feel as amazing on the outside as you feel on the inside.


About My Professional Skincare Lines

I’ve curated a collection of lines that are grounded in science and nature to give you glowing, youthful, healthy-looking skin. All my lines are ethically based and sourced without any yucky ingredients. Hop on over and check out my store.


When does the next class begin?
I’ll start holding individual consults the week of May 17 and will be doing the first group class the week of June 8.

Does everyone get the same products?
Nooooo! As part of your investment in your skincare you get a one-on-one consultation with me so we can determine the best skin care routine for you, only.

Can I do this with a group of friends?
The more the merrier, please contact me for a group discount.

Can I do this by myself?
Of course, just email me, and I’ll get you all set up.

How are the group classes held?
We’ll meet as a group weekly online.*
*VIP participants will have two classes the second week.

What if I miss a class, or can’t make it?
Don’t worry if you can’t make it, because all classes will be recorded and archived. I’ll send you the replay within 24 hours via email.

I have another question; how do I reach you?
The best way to reach me is to click here.


What Women are Saying

I’ve known Pila for 25 years. I remember her struggling with skin issues and needing to cover them up with makeup. She mentioned her class and I was so excited, I signed up to be able to learn her “secrets” of good skincare. It’s just not something anyone teaches you in life unless you’re a superstar. Every time I see a photo of her, all I can think is, “wow, her skin looks so great”. I swear she’s aging backward. So yes, I jumped on the train and cannot wait to be one of her success stories! See ya’ll on Zoom! – Liz R.


I found Pila and her Heaven on Earth spa online. After reading the reviews I decided to make an appointment for an oxygen facial that I’ve always wanted to try and a massage. The massage was amazing! Pila made me feel really relaxed and I felt welcomed as soon as I walked in. During the facial, she noticed I had problem skin and suggested I try her raspberry cleanser, an anti-aging serum, and a light aloe moisturizer for my problem skin because what I was using was a rich heavy cream that did not help me. After using those 3 products for about a month and a half I noticed a huge difference in my skin it was finally clear, and it looked plump and soft for once! I am so in love with the products I keep ordering them from her so I can keep my lovely new skin routine. Thank you so much, Pila! – Leslie K.


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