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Heaven On Earth Aspen Day Spa and Massage Therapy

Welcome to Heaven on Earth, A High Altitude Day Spa

Do you remember the experience or even the name of the therapist who gave you a massage or facial during your last visit to the spa? I promise, you will remember me.

I started my own business after having worked in some of the most notable spas throughout the country because I wanted to create something more personal + special. To have the freedom to create a unique experience for each individual client, (not the clientele) and to be able to focus on quality is a high priority for me. If you are someone who does not prefer padding around total strangers in nothing but a robe and some rubber shoes but still wants an experience that is five-star, Heaven on Earth is for you.

A massage and facial therapist known for her thoughtful, therapeutic and holistic approach.

​Researching the best product lines and technologies is something I love to do so that I can offer something I know works for your unique need(s). I am excited to offer Intraceuticals™ Oxygen facials (a celebrity favorite made popular by Madonna) along with my custom facials, and a heavenly line of massages and spa packages. With my strong foundation and love of massage therapy, I weave massage therapy into every session—so just when you’re wanting more, you’ll get more.

I know “feeling beautiful from the inside out” is cliché, but I do believe that feeling good is just as important as looking good. At Heaven on Earth you will get both. And if I do my job well, mine is a name and a face you will remember and return to again and again.

Om Swastiatsu – May you be divinely blessed ~ Pila

​ “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

~Maya Angelou​