Medi Spa In Aspen

Heaven on Earth’s Medi Spa in Aspen

Aspen is an outdoor lover’s paradise. However, the intense climate can take a toll on your skin. Fine lines and facial sagging start to develop. The first telltale signs of aging can be discouraging, but there are ways to combat the hands of time so that the outer you is as vibrant and youthful as the inner you. I’m not talking about Botox or dramatic surgery. A visit to my Aspen Medi Spa, Heaven on Earth, will help rejuvenate your appearance naturally.

Medi and Day Spa Packages in Aspen

I offer day spa packages to truly pamper yourself. Before your medi spa facial or relaxing facial, treat yourself to one of my massages. Heaven on Earth is more than your typical medi spa in Aspen. At Heaven on Earth, you can enjoy non-invasive facial therapies, dermaplaning, and microneedling.

Aspen Medi Spa Facial Treatments

Heaven on Earth, Aspen Medi SpaI understand you have a busy lifestyle and also know that you want to look your best. I’m here to help you refresh and rejuvenate your appearance.

Explore the following partial list of services and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to facilitate your treatment action plan.


As you age, your body’s collagen production slows. Your skin becomes less plump and sags. However, microneedling (also called collagen induction therapy) stimulates the collagen in your face to increase its production, which gives you a more youthful appearance.

This is one of my favorite facial treatments because it promotes healthier skin. You’ll have minimal downtime. Microneedling is also an excellent treatment for acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

Try your first Microneedling treatment for $275, thereafter $325 (you save $50)
Purchase 3 Microneedling sessions for $875 (You save $100)
Purchase 5 Microneedling sessions, the 6th one is free! (You save $325)


It used to be, we didn’t think a peel was working unless we shed like a snake. That’s so 90’s! The newest generation of peels is based on research that shows those aggressive treatments, especially repeated, creates irritation and inflammation, which leads to more aging. Not what you want.

This new age of peels allows us to have little to no downtime, allowing us to slowly increase the intensity of the treatments. I use Lira Clinical peels because their solutions and peels have healing ingredients to start repairing the skin right away. Going low and slow keeps inflammation to a minimum while still providing the benefits of stimulating collagen production for plumping and firming the skin and increased cell division.


Heaven on Earth’s Divine Dermaplaning Facial gives your skin a vibrant, more youthful appearance. The exfoliation treatment is non-invasive, gentle on your skin and very relaxing.

I use a small scalpel to lightly remove dead skin cells. This is a pain-free procedure that gets rid of dull dead skin cells and encourages cell rejuvenation to improve the tone and texture of your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished. Your makeup goes on smoother and appears wonderfully flawless. Without a doubt, your skin will glow with youthful vibrancy. Even peach fuzz disappears.

60 minutes $158  • 90 minutes + oxygen facial $288


Facials reveal a younger you and are non-invasive. At Heaven on Earth, I use the Oxygen Facial Treatment with Boosters. This is the preferred facial treatment of celebrities due to its immediate and long-lasting results.

You’ll love the way that the facial feels as it soothes and cools while the serum is rapidly absorbed into your skin’s layers. In fact, did you know that the Aspen Magazine along with the Aspen Peak Magazine both recommended the Oxygen Facial as the most beneficial facial due to Aspen’s often harsh climate conditions? There are several enhancements that you can add to your facial to customize it to your unique needs.

The Downside of Botox – Choose a More Natural Facial Treatment

Does it feel like everyone you know is using Botox to smooth out their frown lines, but is it right for you? Years ago, I learned from one of my clients who was a graduate student in counseling, that Botox makes it harder for women (and men) to make emotional connections. Studies indicate that numbing facial muscles cause a reduction in real emotional responses and empathy because loved ones, friends and new acquaintances can no longer read your facial expressions. However, with my medispa treatments, you can see the signs of aging reduced while your face retains its ability to express feelings, which is far more favorable than Botox.

If you’re looking for a medispa in Aspen that offers effective anti-aging facial treatments, then contact me to schedule your appointment, or call me to learn more about Heaven on Earth’s Spa services.